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Greenwashing vs. green marketing – where is the border?

The phenomenon of greenwashing, also in the cosmetics industry, has been discussed for a long time. On the one hand, the intense activities of the EU and the successively implemented policies of the Green Deal, and on the other hand, the activity of consumers, make us look at this phenomenon more and more closely. Some companies actually implement changes in their activities, formulas, the supply chains, corporate practices and packaging. Meanwhile, others simply focus on declarations.

Confusion appears already at the stage of introducing the concepts of “green marketing” and “greenwashing”. Though often used interchangeably, they are by no means equivalent. Green marketing includes the activities of companies aimed at informing customers about the real, implemented sustainable activities of the company or brand. Sometimes they are also educational projects focused on increasing consumer awareness of the needs of the environment. So it is the complete opposite of what greenwashing is and does.

Why is it so difficult to fight greenwashing? Because there are no definitions and rules that would help consumers to easily distinguish between real actions and declarations. But more on that in the next entries in our series.

On March 10th, Iwona Białas, PhD, led the webinar initiated by Wiadomoś Reason? The ban on selling cosmetics with Lilial and subsequent proposed changes to