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CosmetoSAFE at in-cosmetics Global

In-cosmetics Global is one of the leading events in the cosmetics industry.

This is a place where innovation, experience and original ideas intertwine with everyday work in the cosmetics industry. It is one of the few events that brings together industry companies from all over the world. It provides the opportunity to exchange experiences and views on issues regarding current legislation.

Participation in this type of meetings is one of the inherent elements of the work of cosmetic companies. That’s why we couldn’t miss it!

During this year’s fair, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with many innovative concepts regarding: new substances, new productions, as well as modern methods of obtaining materials.

These types of events give us energy to act! Thank you for all the conversations, discussions and also for sharing interesting and innovative solutions for the industry.

At the invitation of the organizers of the 8th Cosmetics Industry Forum, Iwona Białas, PhD prepared a speech for the participants entitled "Responsibility for placing
On April 16, dr. Iwona Białas visited Paris to take part in the leading global event in the cosmetics industry – in-cosmetics Global.