Anna Tuwalska, MSc

Anna gained her experience working in prestigious cosmetic companies, in both legislation and quality control departments. As a laboratory technician, she supported technologists in formulation development, which is why she understands the specificity of their job so well.

Anna Galbarczyk, MSc

Neither a single ingredient of a formula nor any component of technological production will ever escape her attention. By combining her knowledge in chemistry with cosmetology, Anna Galbarczyk is able to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of cosmetics, and her experience in teaching chemistry allows her to explain to our clients even the most complex of […]

Iwona Białas, PhD

As a safety assessor, Iwona Białas combines the key competences of a chemist, toxicologist and cosmetologist. Consequently, the cosmetic safety assessment prepared by CosmetoSAFE is reliable and multi-faceted.

Lilial – and what is next?

On March 10th, Iwona Białas, PhD, led the webinar initiated by Wiadomoś Reason? The ban on selling cosmetics with Lilial and subsequent proposed changes to the cosmetic law, which caused a particular stir among cosmetic distributors.

Greenwashing vs. green marketing – where is the border?

The phenomenon of greenwashing, also in the cosmetics industry, has been discussed for a long time. On the one hand, the intense activities of the EU and the successively implemented policies of the Green Deal, and on the other hand, the activity of consumers, make us look at this phenomenon more and more closely.

Have you noticed that recently the regulations on the use of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in cosmetics have been changed significantly?