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Sandra Zelent – Kraciuk has taken the position of safety assessor

Sandra has been associated with the company since 2018. She has experience in research and teaching.  She conducted laboratory classes in the field of cosmeticology, raw materials and physicochemical forms of cosmetics, as well as assessment methods of cosmetics products efficacy evaluation.

In addition, she researched the effect of the cosmetic Physico-chemical form on the speed of transepidermal transport of peptide from the group of neurotransmitter inhibitors. In 2015, she was awarded the main prize in the Polish competition for a diploma thesis in the field of cosmetology organized by the editorial office of “Aesthetic Dermatology” and WSZKiPZ. Sandra also participates in the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry working groups.

In September 2022, Zelent – Kraciuk graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of “Toxicology with elements of forensics”. The Medical University of Warsaw is the first university in Poland that has opened full-time studies educating future toxicologists following the European model of teaching toxicology. Last month Sandra defended her thesis, “Toxicometric studies of silver nanospheres in the Danio rerio embryonic model”.

As the founder of CosmetoSAFE Consulting, Iwona Białas, PhD. sums up Sandra’s promotion in the company structure: “This confirms many years of Sandra’s hard work – her commitment, accuracy and continuous improvement of qualifications! We appreciate this approach. Therefore we are pleased to announce that Sandra has taken the position of safety assessor in CosmetoSAFE since October 22″.

The phenomenon of greenwashing, also in the cosmetics industry, has been discussed for a long time. On the one hand, the intense activities of the